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Alcohol abuse and addiction are serious and chronic conditions that affect millions of Americans every year. In order to effectively treat these conditions, alcohol rehab is needed. The treatment programs offered at alcohol rehab centers are designed to help individuals lead a healthier and addiction-free life. Alcohol rehab specialists provide patients with the skills and tools necessary to effectively manage their disease and become productive and functioning members of society once again.

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Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Some signs are fairly obvious. It takes several hours for the body to metabolize alcohol. People may show up for work or college smelling of alcohol. As such, they are below par and have not allowed enough time to recover from the alcohol they have consumed. If this happens regularly, the abuse is clear.

If performance at work slips, or college grades fall, alcohol abuse could be the issue. Some people make no effort to hide their alcohol abuse. They do not care if people see them getting drunk regularly.

How Does Alcohol Abuse Transition to Addiction?

The brain contains chemicals called neurotransmitters that help it control how the body functions. Alcohol interferes with the neurotransmitters, and the brain tries to compensate. It achieves a balance that allows for alcohol being present. The more alcohol a person consumes, the bigger the balancing act the brain has to carry out.

However, it also develops a tolerance, and the drinker will need to consume more alcohol to achieve the same level of intoxication, and to keep the brain functioning as near to normal as it can. Gradually, the desire to drink becomes an obsessive craving,

Abuse and Addiction Statistics

According to NIDA estimates, 56.4% of American citizens aged 18 and over had consumed at least one alcohol drink in the previous month, and 24.6% admitted binge drinking in the previous month. In the US, organizations like NIDA prefer to collate data under the term "alcohol use disorder", or AUD. AUD includes people who abuse alcohol and those who are dependent on it.

Because there is no precise definition of alcoholism, accurate statistical data is difficult to find, and most statistics are based on survey results rather than empirical data. However, AUD is a problem for an estimated 14 million Americans.

Why Does Alcoholism Often Go Untreated?

While alcoholism can be treated, the condition does often go untreated. This is because a person may be in denial that he or she has a drinking problem or feels embarrassed to admit he or she has a problem and needs help. Many people with alcoholism may also fear the alcohol withdrawal process that can occur at an alcohol rehab setting. We provide medical detoxification to make the transition between substance abuse and recovery easier.

Treatment for Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Although public perception of acceptable drinking levels is changing, many people still find nothing wrong with somebody being drunk. Therefore, the idea that somebody could have a problem that needs treatment never occurs to them until there is unquestionably a serious issue with alcohol. Get the help you need from a reputable alcohol rehab program. At San Antonio Drug Treatment Centers, we provide help for people trying to find rehab centers. Learn more by calling us at (210) 610-3419.

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